Downloads and Sourcecode

All Windows components are packaged as 64bit applications, and signed with a Sectigo® code signing certificate, issued to Cace Consult.


Installable desktop components

All desktop components are “ClickOnce” applications. 

  • Soa Browser  version (a ZIP file). Released on 19-09-2023.  For more information, please refer to the installation page.  
  • Reconciler  version (a ZIP file). Released on 19-09-2023.  – For more information, please refer to the installation page.
  • The initial content of the “work folder” (a ZIP file). Released on 13-03-2023. Both Reconciler and Soa Browser require a number of supporting files. These must be located (in accordance with a fixed directory structure) in the so-called “work folder”; the location of the folder is a parameter in Settings. The initial content is created by the program itself, immediately after installation, during the first use. If that process fails, you have to create the folder yourself and download its contents, including the directory structure, from here.
  • The latest version of the Plugins directory (a ZIP file containing the runtime files of the plugin that processes policy files of the Broadcom Layer7 API Gateway), compatible with Reconciler versions from onwards. Released on 31-07-2023. The Plugins directory is a subdirectory of the “work folder” and is installed automatically during installation of the product.(download experimental self-extracting exe here)
  • The latest version of the web directory (a ZIP file containing the runtime files that support 3D visualizations of Reconciler and SoaBrowser), compatible with versions from onwards. Released on 06-10-2022. The web directory is a subdirectory of the “work folder” and is installed automatically during installation of the product.
  • Backup Comparator (SoaScape Diff) version (a ZIP file). Released on 22-09-2023.  – SoaScape Diff is also a “ClickOnce” application, so it has to be installed in the same way as Reconciler and Soa Browser. The online documentation is not a part of the release. The documentation (a ZIP file) has to be separately downloaded from here. Upon downloading, copy the contents into the “DOC” subfolder of the Reconciler’swork folder“.

Reconciler and SoaBrowser2 were technically upgraded in the version From that version onwards, the desktop components use .NET 7.0 (previously known as .NET Core) is used instead of .NET Framework 4.8.

.NET .NET 7.0 and WebView2 may not be available on your computer. In that case, the ‘ClickOnce’ installation process will attempt to download the missing components from download pages of Microsoft.

Regarding ‘WebView2’: In case the ‘ClickOnce’ installation would fail, you would have to load the library manually. Go to the Microsoft’s download page On that page, under the heading “Evergreen Standalone Installer” (the middle section) select downloading`X64 version of the installer. A popup will appear: accept the licensing terms of Microsoft (“Accept and Download”). Save the file MicrosoftEdgeWebView2RuntimeInstallerX64.exe somewhere on your machine. Subsequently, execute this installer. If you wish that all users of your desktop use the same library, execute the program in the administrator mode (right mouse button …). If the WebView2 library is already installed, the installer will tell you that, and exit. Otherwise, WebView2 library will be installed.

WebView2 is always available on Windows 11 computers.

SoaScape Reports and SoaScape Web

The installation document can be found here. Notice that there is no separate version control because of interdependencies with Reconciler and Soa Browser

  • SoaScape reports (a ZIP file). The initial contents of the reports directory, including all needed generic files: html pages, stylesheets (CSS), transformation-rules (XSL), XML files and client-side scripts (JS). Compatible with Reconciler version 8.x.x.x and higher.
  • SoaScape Web  (a ZIP file). Released on 23-03-2023. Compatible with Reconciler version and higher.


  • Two tutorial databases (a ZIP file). Two versions (Dutch and English) of an anonymized real-life database to be used when experimenting with Soa Browser and Reconciler. Mainly intended for new users who want to get acquainted with the product. The English version has also been used for making Soa Browser instructions videos.
  • The tutorial ArchiMate model (a ZIP file) derived from the EA model of The Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG), GEMMA 2. All Application Components and Application Services of the original model are removed, so it is suitable for experimenting with importing SoaScape models into Enterprise Architecture modeling tools.


  • The source code of CA API Gateway Monitor is available on GitHub.

32bit Components (archived)